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Who better to describe Brenda than her family? Here are some thoughts from her husband and children.

About My Wife

Brenda and Jim KellyNot since Adam, has a man needed a mate more than me. Brenda leads some of the time and follows some of the time, but most of all she stands by my side through all of the joy and trouble. Her warmth and nature keeps me at peace when the situation would call for madness. She is the most beautiful person I know. She is my strength, happiness and minister.

- Jim Kelly [1945-2011]

About My Mom

I love my mom! I think she is a great person. I think its cool how my mom gets her own radio shows. It's really great to have a mom like her.

- Derek Scott Kelly

About My Mom

To ask me to describe mom in a few sentences would be like asking me to beam her here right now to see for yourself. Although you might as well try the latter, since words that could possibly give a mere glimpse of her beauty [in and out] seem utterly impossible to conjure up and bring to life. In simplest terms, she is a fountain among deserts, a laughter among cries, a covering among storms, a diamond among stones.

- Erica Marie Kelly

poem title: of breath
Have we become blind? Our words express nothing but hatred and fear.
So you might have tough times--get over it. You're wasting talent with words not wanted to hear.
Poetry is for expression, sure, but all I see is the seeking of attention.
Do not bore me with your so-called depression and mumbling. Stop writing of long-lost hope and redemption.
Slit your wrists, dye your hair, it's all nonsense in the end.
Have we become ignorant of our seasonal Godsends?
I want to hear music in your stanzas, passion in your tone
Quit rambling on about how you're destined to be alone
Grow up, be strong, there's more to life than death. Write me a poem that's not of choking but of breath.